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Rules governing magnet fishing

By mail dated October 23, 2019, the Préfet du Var reminds all the administrators of the regulations governing the practice of fishing with the magnet. These rules are the same as those governing the detection of buried objects, to know :

  • on land (forests, land, wells, ponds ...), the authorization of the owner is required, and if the purpose of fishing is to search for an object that may be of interest to history, prehistory , the art or the achéologien the authorization of the prefect is obligatory;
  • for water courses, lakes, rivers, rivers and canals, the authorization of the State, owner of the underwater property is required.

Although it is often presented as a voluntary depollution of the water courses, this practice, without the authorization of the administrative authority, is illegal.

PDF : Note préfectorale (fr)





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