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.........   Prevention measures for Covid-19 (Coronavirus).   .........

Prevention measures for Covid-19 (Coronavirus).

"Following the recommendations of the Ministry of Solidarity of Health MSS of 02.26.2020"

For people returning from China (mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao,) from Singapore, South Korea, or from the regions of Lombardy and Veneto in Italy.


Upon return and within 14 days of staying in an area where the virus is actively circulating
- Monitor your temperature twice a day
- Watch for the appearance of respiratory infection symptoms (cough, difficulty breathing ...)
- Wear a surgical mask when you are in front of another person and when you have to go out
- Wash your hands regularly or use a hydro-alcoholic solution
- Avoid contact with frail people (pregnant women, the chronically ill, the elderly, etc.)
- Avoid frequenting places where there are fragile people (hospitals, maternity hospitals, accommodation structures for the elderly, etc.)
- Avoid any non-essential outing (large gatherings, restaurants, cinema…)
- Workers / students: wherever possible, favor teleworking and avoid close contact (meetings, elevators, canteen, etc.)

Children who are affected should not be sent to nursery, school, college or high school for 14 days after returning to the country.


As a precaution, the Municipality of Grimaud adds the Piedmont region in Italy for our Multi-Reception establishment only.

More information:

PDF : CP_Coronavirus_Pointdesituation ARS





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