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.........   Allergy: start of ragweed pollen allergy season   .........

Allergy: start of ragweed pollen allergy season

The RNSA in partnership with the Ambroisia Observatory - FREDON France informs you of the arrival of the first pollen grains. They are already present on our pollen sensors in low concentrations at the end of July.

Ragweed pollen is very allergenic and it only takes a few grains to trigger allergy symptoms (rhinitis, conjunctivitis, tracheitis, asthma, eczema, or other complications) in sensitive people. It is important for those allergic to ragweed pollen to consult their doctor and follow their treatment correctly.

Signaling-Ambrosia Platform:

Acting against the expansion of ragweed is a major public health issue that requires everyone's involvement, which is why an interactive reporting platform was set up in 2014! Everyone can therefore participate in the fight by reporting any presence of ambrosia to local authorities, through four different channels, available on

  • By phone 000 33 972 376 888
  • By email
  • On a website:
  • On a "Signaling-Ambrosia" Smartphone application




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