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.........   Communiqué from the mayor to the population following the speech by the President of the Republic   .........

Communiqué from the mayor to the population following the speech by the President of the Republic

Grimaudoises, Grimaudois,

The President of the Republic has just announced that we are going to experience new confinement. Once again, this decision will not be without economic and social consequences.

The health situation is simply catastrophic. We must in this difficult time have solidarity and a sense of sacrifice for all those who take care of our lives. We must stand alongside all the women and men of civil security, law enforcement and the health world who are on the front line to save us and especially today.

We must stand in solidarity with people who are sick and also chronically ill and whose treatment will be postponed to face this second wave. It could be each of us. No one is invincible in the face of disease.

Unlike the first wave, I want to insist to all of you to tell you that COVID19 is very present and anchored in our territory. Much more than in spring, the risk is real every day.

I admired that the rules were followed during the first lockdown and I thank you for that. The curfew imposed for a week is also well respected. There was, however, a relaxation in the application of barrier gestures. I invite you to respect all the precautionary rules from now on and even to greatly strengthen them. Our common sense must prevail without waiting for direction from a ministry. We are all actors in the way out of the crisis. It’s not a formula, it’s reality. Worse than this second confinement, it is a third at the start of 2021 that must be prevented now.

For all the professionals hard hit by these crises, we must also be mobilized, each at our level. Consuming local has never been more important.

This disease also has serious consequences on the cohesion of the nation. In medical, political, economic circles right down to everyday discussions, a divide has widened. The next world, more beautiful, more united, more authentic, has not come. I hope that we will manage to stay together and in solidarity and not give in to easy and often misleading solutions to the sirens.

The municipal services will continue to serve you and accompany you when necessary, while keeping the municipal staff safe. However, the festivities and entertainment will all be canceled until the end of the year.

I know that I can count on you, on your spirit of resistance to fight against the disease. The next few weeks will be difficult.

Grimaud and its inhabitants will face this ordeal, thanks to your abnegation, your courage and thanks to a thousand-year-old heritage of our territory which gives us as much duty as rights. Through the eyes of our ancestors and future generations, history looks at us.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones.




Mayor of Grimaud




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