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.........   Revision of the Local Advertising Regulations (RLP)   .........

Revision of the Local Advertising Regulations (RLP)

The municipality of Grimaud has had a Local Advertising Regulation since October 20, 2011. In order to renew this regulation and adapt it to the new national regulations, the municipality has initiated a process of revising its RLP by a deliberation of the Council municipal as of December 2, 2019.

The main objectives of this revision concern:

Bringing the document into line with legislative and regulatory changes
Adapt the regulation to the environmental situation of the territory
Control the establishment of advertising, signs and pre-signs in the Municipality
The deliberation prescribing the revision of the RLP concerns advertising, signs and pre-signs (available at the bottom of the page).


The consultation process

This page will be updated to allow you to follow the progress of the procedure.

At the same time, the municipality has made available to the public a consultation file comprising all the documents of the draft Local Advertising Regulations enriched as the file progresses, as well as a register allowing you to formulate your observations and your proposals.

The file and the register are kept available at the reception of the town hall:

Town Hall Street

83310 Grimaud

Open to the public from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Articles will be published in the municipal magazine

Two meetings for the public and professionals will punctuate the process. The date and place will be specified in advance on the website.


The RLP revision project

PHASE 1 - Advertising diagnosis and definition of the challenges of the territory 

This step makes it possible to highlight the sectors at stake to which particular attention should be paid.


PHASE 2 - Orientations and objectives (in progress)

This step aims to find a balance between the preservation of the environment, landscapes and the living environment, and economic and commercial attractiveness.


PHASE 3 - By-law and zoning

Once the orientations and objectives have been drafted and validated, the regulatory translation process must make it possible to delimit advertising zones on the municipal territory, according to the characters and typologies of the zone, in particular in the sectors at stake.

For each advertising area created, appropriate regulatory requirements will be developed.


PHASE 4 - Preparation of the judgment file

The aim here is to finalize the RLP shutdown file at the end of the consultation. It consists of the following parts:

a presentation report which is based on a diagnosis, defines guidelines and objectives and explains the choices made;
a regulation detailing the advertising zones (ZP) and the provisions applying to each zone;
graphic annexes: graphic documents showing throughout the territory the areas identified by the RLP and the limits of the agglomeration are also represented on a graphic document with the municipal decrees setting the said limits.

PHASE 5 - Administrative phase and RLP approval (currently)

All the parts making up the RLP are sent to institutional players for their opinion.

The Departmental Commission for Nature, Landscapes and Sites is seized (for opinion).

A Public Inquiry is organized for a minimum of 1 month.

Following the public inquiry, the project is subject to final modifications if necessary and constitutes the approval file for the Local Advertising Regulations.

The local advertising bylaw, once approved, is annexed to the local urban plan: zoning and bylaw integrated into appendices.

PDF : 1.2_Bilan de concertation
PDF : 1.0_ Cartouche Documents administratifs
PDF : 1.1_Déliberation Prescription RLP 2019-12-02
PDF : 0.1 Sommaire dossier d'enquête publique
PDF : 0 _ Cartouche Dossier d'Enquête Publique
PDF : 1.3_Délibération - Arrêt RLP
PDF : 1.4_Arrêté Enquête Publique RLP
PDF : 1.5_Désignation du Commissaire Enquêteur
PDF : 1.6_Note afférente à l'Enquête Publique RLP Grimaud
PDF : 1.7 Annonce légales Nice Matin 28-10-23
PDF : 1.8 Annonce légale La Marseillaise 28-10-23
PDF : 1.9_AVIS RLP_Grimaud_fond jaune
PDF : 1.10 2023-10-30 Rapport de constation PM affichage avis RLP
PDF : 2.00_ Cartouche Dossier d'Arrêt
PDF : 2.0.1 Sommaire dossier d'arrêt
PDF : 2.1 _Rapport_de_Présentation_Version Arrêt
PDF : 2.2_Règlement_Version Arrêt
PDF : 2.3 _Cartouche Annexes
PDF : 2.3.1_Document graphique
PDF : 2.3.2 _Cartouche_Annexe 2 - Limites d'agglomération
PDF :êté des limites d'agglomérations
PDF : des limites d'agglomérations
PDF : 2.3.3 - Extraits du Règlement de voirie (Oct.2005)_Compil
PDF : 3.0_ Cartouche Avis PPA
PDF : 3.2_Avis DDTM 2023-09-29
PDF : 3.3_Avis de la Chambre d'agriculture 2023-07-13
PDF : 3.4_Avis Département 2023-09-19
PDF : 3.5_Avis UDAP
PDF : 3.6_PV CDNPS 2023-10-09





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