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.........   Termination of port concessions the administrative court rules in favor of the Municipality   .........

Termination of port concessions the administrative court rules in favor of the Municipality

Eight judgments were rendered by the Administrative Court of Toulon on May 30, 2024, in favor of the Municipality, in two appeals filed by PG1, PG2, PG3 and SNPG against the termination of the concessions and the choice of management mode under management.

The Court considered that the decisions of the Municipality to terminate the port concessions and to choose a management method under management were regular and charged the applicants with the payment of a sum of €1,500 each for the benefit of the Municipality. .

The court considers that:

- The Commune was within its right to terminate the port concessions.

- The Municipality respected all the rules of law in this termination.

- The Municipality had provided all the necessary information as part of this termination.

The Mayor, President of the Authority, Alain BENEDETTO, is delighted that the professionalism of the municipal team and the good faith of the Municipality are recognized and now wishes to turn the page on the judicial aspect. The Municipality wishes to favor dialogue and co-construction, with the consultation component which opened last week and for which it wishes a very broad participation of boaters and residents of Port Grimaud.

The judgments are available on the following links:

PDF : PG1 regie
PDF : PG1 resiliation
PDF : PG2 régie
PDF : PG2 Résiliation
PDF : PG3 régie
PDF : SNPG régie
PDF : SNPG resiliation
PDF : PG3 Resiliation





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