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.........   A new PLU for GRIMAUD   .........


Why a new PLU for Grimaud?

The PLU concerns both landscapes and heritage, natural and built, as the operation of the municipality, its accessibility, the problem of parking, public facilities, the distribution of housing, etc.

Recent developments in the Town Planning Code have modified the approach to planning documents, in particular:

  • the Grenelle I and II laws of 2010 and 2012, which refocus environmental considerations at the heart of territorial projects: principles such as the preservation of the landscape, the preservation of the green and blue weave, the reduction of car travel and reducing the effects of greenhouse gases are placed at the heart of planning documents;
  • the ALUR (Access to Housing and Renovated Town Planning) law of 2014, which requires municipalities to optimize the urban space.
  • More recently, the ordinance of 23 September 2015 and the decree of 28 December 2015, which notably restructure the writing of the PLU regulation.

The new PLU will therefore have to meet these new objectives while preserving the environment landscaping and protecting the specific cultural characteristics of Grimaud.

A diagnosis, portrait of territory

The first major step is the development of the territorial diagnosis. It is based on an inventory of the current situation of the territory in all areas (heritage, housing, economy, travel, environment ...) and allows to take stock of the assets and constraints of the municipality. Delimited by the Maures massif to the north and west, the coastline to the east and the agricultural plain to the south, Grimaud has experienced, like the other municipalities of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, strong pressure during of the last decades. Despite urban development around the village, in the agricultural plain and on the coastline, the town has preserved an exceptional natural and agricultural setting. The analysis of particularly strong environmental, landscape and heritage sensitivities, intimately linked to the littoral character and the hilly terrain, made it possible to identify the green and blue weave that mesh the territory whose function is important for both ecological continuity and quality. . This green and blue weave is one of the main expectations of the Grenelle laws. Common of 4,500 inhabitants year-round, the population can quadruple in summer. Thus the challenge is to offer the conditions of a development meeting the needs of everyday life while integrating those of the tourist life, in a complementary and non-competitive way: to promote spaces shared by the inhabitants and the tourists, to reinforce a reinforcement of shops and equipment covering both permanent and seasonal needs, etc.

The Sustainable Development and Development Project (PADD): An exceptional setting, preserved and conducive to life all year long

After having examined the territory of the municipality with a fine-tooth comb during the diagnosis, the elaboration of this document sets out the main orientations and the principles of evolution of town planning and development for the next ten years. The PADD is a cross-cutting document and addresses all the areas that appeal to the daily life of the "inhabitants of Grimaud" and the life of the territory: mobility, nature and environment, heritage, economic activity, housing, demography, commercial offer, equipment, digital, risks and nuisances, water and waste management, energy transition, etc. Strong of its landscape qualities and its soil, the commune of Grimaud enjoys a great attractiveness. To preserve its peculiarities and its potential while accommodating the adjustments necessary for the blossoming of the local life, it is essential to frame its perspectives of evolution while thinking "preservation" and "development" in a joint way. This will has taken the form of three main orientations: •

  • Preserve the exceptional setting Building on its strengths,

Grimaud will strive to enhance its built, landscaped and ecological heritage by working on their visibility. Thus, the reconstructed coastline will be reintegrated with existing green fields, favorable to biodiversity and cones of views installed will reconnect to the great landscape. This work is as much for the inhabitants of the town as for its visitors. The management of natural risks will be increased to adapt to the high sensitivity of the territory and limit them as much as possible.

  • Strengthen local life Far from wishing to museify,

Grimaud is committed to anticipating population growth by limiting the installation of new inhabitants to a population of around 5000 inhabitants by 2030. It will thus be able to maintain an offer of services and equipment in line with the needs of its population. It integrates new uses by reflecting on digital access that will favor teleworking and limit travel. In the interest of ecological transition, it will value innovative initiatives in terms of energy performance. • Balancing economic activities in an accessible territory Finally, to allow all these users to cohabit in a serene and fluid way, the road network will be redesigned. The objective will be to offload the coastal road by strengthening the eco-mobility and the secondary network while preserving the landscape. To guarantee a privileged position in economic development, agriculture will be able to diversify its activities. The municipality will ensure that the tourist offer remains diversified, that the commercial armature of Port-Grimaud retains its attractiveness and that the activity zones, and in particular that of the Grand Pont, fit better into the architectural landscape of the territory . A new area of ​​ambitious economic activity will be designed to better adapt to the needs of all.


And tomorrow ? Define rules for the implementation of this project


The PLU Project is now entering a new phase: regulatory translation. The principles and rules of construction grouped in complementary articles will make it possible to organize the development of the territory. Opposite to third parties, it consists of a graphic document (the zoning plan) and a written regulation that determine, among other things, "where" and "how" to build on each sector of the municipal territory. These rules, such as land use, the height of future constructions, their location in relation to the roads or the presence of green spaces on each parcel, will be defined according to the characteristics of the zones.


A shared PLU

The municipality wanted to set up a consultation mechanism including an exhibition summarizing the content of the main stages of the PLU and public meetings.

The diagnosis and the PADD were presented at a public meeting on November 2nd. An exhibition retracing this approach is available in town hall.

In the continuity of the times of exchange and dialogue that punctuate the process, you will be invited to continue the discussions to build a coherent and shared project.

A register is at your disposal in town hall to receive your contributions.




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