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Exhibition of monumental sculptures

It is capitalized art which settles every year in the alleys of Grimaud for an anachronistic meeting between the contemporary art and the oldest city of the Gulf of Saint Tropez.
Iron, wood, stone, glass ... come into symbiosis to offer visitors a moment of escape.
Another way to discover the town ...


Under the artistic direction of Cécile de Kock, Alain BENEDETTO, Mayor of Grimaud, Departmental Councilor of the Var and Grimaud City Council, are pleased to present the 2019 edition of monumental sculptures.

Grimaud, city of art, receives 8 monumental sculptors of talent. More than 25 works come to dialogue with the streets, places, monuments and landscapes of the town.

Cécile de Kock (artistic director), Yan-Eric Eichenberger, Chantal Derderian-Christol, JMB, Emmanuel Kieffer, Edouard Leruste, Willy Niodo and Jean Van Weyenbergh train you in their artistic worlds. They work with stone, steel, wood, resin and create touching and poetic works, raw and moving.

From the perched village of Grimaud, at the seaside of Port-Grimaud, it's a whole journey of artistic expression that we invite you to discover.



Color and transparency
May 4 to October 14, 2018

For this new season, the town of Grimaud invites you to discover the works of 2 sculptors: JMB / Jean-Marc BLENGINI and DEVERCHERE


A 2018 edition high in color ...

This exhibition of monumental sculptures transforms every year the village of Grimaud, and more broadly the Commune, in a privileged place of public artistic expression and open air.
From the spring of 2018, as the flowers bloom, the sculptures of JMB and DEVERCHERE will come to bloom in the alleys, on the seafront, on the heights and the plots and even in the new exhibition hall of the Maison des Arcades.

You will be able to discover:

  • The flowers and insects of Jean-Marc Blengini, between strength and lightness, a raw nature with vibrant colors.
  • Deverchere's works, of metal and glass, of the full force of metal to the transparency of glass, bursts and plays of light.

In addition to these monumental sculptures, you can also admire a dozen works by these artists, exhibited at La Maison des Arcades in Grimaud.

PDF : Catalogue 2021
PDF : Poster 2019
PDF : Brochure 2019
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